Satirical take on orthodox beliefs

Khatoon Ki Khidmat reflects the situation of society through a man who is stuck between his wife’s demand and father’s rejection

By   |  Published: 26th Jan 2019  5:35 pm

The short film, Khatoon Ki Khidmat, is a Perfect 10 winner in the prestigious Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) 2018 under the ‘Royal Stag Large Short Films category.’ The film is about a newly-married couple and a father who takes the audience on a satirical journey portraying the negligence and orthodox beliefs of the society.

Set in a village, the story revolves around the protagonist Gufran, the newly-married man who is stuck between the demands of his educated-modern wife from Delhi and his traditional and religiously orthodox father.

Gufran, played by Saheem Khan, loves his wife Nazma (Deepali Garg) and wants to give everything that she desires for. But, one wish by his wife of having a television puts him in a traumatic situation. His father, to whom he is very obedient, believes that television is a bad influence and a threat to religion. Caught between the two schools of thought, Gufran gets puzzled on whether to listen to his wife so that he can keep her happy or obey his father and not make him upset.

Saheem Khan, who is the lead actor, the writer and the director of this short film, gives a brilliant performance as the confused husband and son. Deepali Garg also does a good job in her role as a city-born woman who finds it difficult to adjust to the conservativeness of her father-in-law. Manoj Bakshi, the father, is pretty convincing as the orthodox father.

The short film surely brings out the humour in the tiniest of situations and leaves you with a laugh while raising questions about society and religion. It throws a light on the struggle between tradition and modernity as well as different valid interpretations of religion.

Title: Khatoon Ki Khidmat
Director: Saheem Khan
Cast: Saheem Khan, Deepali Garg, Manoj Bakshi, Onkar Das Manik Puri and Shekhar
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Duration: 26 minutes 51 seconds

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