SATS assures help to Telangana skaters

By Author  |  Sports Bureau  |  Published: 2nd Jan 2019  9:20 pm
Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS)
Telangana skaters who excelled in the National championship seen with SATS managing director Dinakar Babu.

Hyderabad: Buoyed by success of Telangana skaters in various national events, Sports Authority of Telangana State (SATS) MD and vice president Dinakar Babu assured help for the completion of skating rinks at LB Stadium and Saroor Nagar.

Dinakar Babu, who met the skaters on Wednesday, also congratulated them for their achievements. The State skaters, besides putting up impressive performances in speed artistic, roller hockey, skateboarding and roller freestyle events, conducted in different venues at Vuda Park, Vishakhapatnam during the National Roller Skating Championships.

Konanki Vanshika Chaudhary and Chalamacharla Juhith had hogged the limelight by winning three gold medals in the roller freestyle category. Meanwhile, the roller hockey team secured a silver medal and Anudeep Reddy had won a gold medal in speed skating.

Winners: Speed skating: Anudeep Reddy (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), Amreen Khan (1 silver), Ritesh KumarReddy (1 bronze), Tejaswini (1 silver, 1 bronze), Roller Hockey Team (Silver): Shreya Rajput, Meeta Kapoor, Shweta Kshirsagar, Rhia Kshirsagar, Prerana Saha, Peeyusha Reddy, Mounica Kamlikar. Mahin Jahangeer, Sara Rafiq Farooqi, J Swathi; Skate boarding: Sakshi Sagar Shah (1 bronze).