Say goodbye to itchy skin

Stress and anxiety are predominant factors that can aggravate scratching which might end up as a blister

By   |  Dr Venugopal Gouri  |  Published: 13th Feb 2020  6:45 pm

This is a common issue that could occur all over the body or could be restricted to certain areas. Generalised itch which occurs all over the body is obviously more difficult to treat. Itch is more of a symptom accompanying an illness rather than a disease as such.

Needless to say, it is an irritating and worrisome symptom that can occur to anybody. Probably, it is more an expression of our body so that we seek a solution at the first instance to get rid of the disease.

It can occur with a pimple-like eruption, blister, rash or redness of the area affected or without any of these too. Itch can occur due to several causes such as metabolic disturbances involving the various organs like the liver, kidneys can lead to itch, redness, etc; endocrine gland disorders like increased function of thyroid and adrenal glands can cause redness and rash; infections and infestations due to fungus over the groins, armpits and bacteria causing scabies are the usual suspects for an itch.

 itchy skinInfections of the genital system in women are a constant source of irritation; allergic reactions of the body like eczema, psoriasis, urticaria and other autoimmune disorders like lichen planus are other common causes; tendency for dry skin is a source for itch; stress and anxiety are predominant mental factors for the causation.

Stress can also aggravate itch, as this usually initiates scratching and then leads the itch-scratch cycle. Scratching may be initially gratifying but only accentuates itching.Scratching may break open the skin when the bacterial infection sets in and the area over a period of time could be thickened and discoloured. That is why the cause needs to be identified and addressed.

Applications of cold with a wash cloth or an ice cube would relieve the itch as it can jam the circuits carrying the impulse of itch. Some people may find an improvement with warm fomentation too.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies for various kinds of itch. If it is a disturbance due to a metabolic disturbance of liver or kidney, Lycopodium, Apis mel are of help. Any disorders of the glands leading to the problem are helped by Petroleum, Caladium etc. Sulphur, Sepia, Natrum mur are proven remedies when infection of various sorts trouble.

Mercurius, Hepar sulph, etc., help in conditions such as eczema and Copaiva and Urtica urens are of proven value to give relief from itching due to Urticaria and dry skin is moistened by Sarsaparilla.Ignatia, Platina and Staphysagria relieves itching when it is due to stress and anxiety.

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