Say goodbye to that teenage acne

Breaking the misconception that acne is something teenagers must live with

By   |  Shahnaz Husain  |  Published: 28th Aug 2020  4:24 pm

Skin changes are a natural part of your teenage years. Frequent breakouts, acne scars, facial hair, dullness and tanning are some common problems teenagers face. Nearly 75 percent teenagers develop a love and hate relationship with their skin during this period.

Your teenage years can be particularly difficult to navigate; between a budding social agenda, extracurricular activities, striving for academic success, your stress levels may increase and your skin may go through some not-so-cute changes. During this period our skin is influenced by many factors. It is affected by our diets, habits and lifestyle, as well as exposure to the elements. The body also goes through many changes during the various phases of growth, development and maturity. Hormonal changes and imbalances during these times also influence the skin.

It is a misconception that acne is something teenagers must live with. As a teenager, you may be told that you will “grow out of it”. Yes, acne may disappear with time, but it leaves scars that remain. Therefore, it is imperative that the condition be checked from spreading. Here are the top skin tips for teen skin care:

‘Cleansing’ is the keyword for an oily skin. Daily cleansing and skin care, with appropriate products, is the only way of preventing acne and other oily-skin conditions. Oily skins tend to attract more dirt. The pores must be kept free of hardened oil and the oiliness of the skin surface must also be reduced. Therefore, you need a medicated cleanser, face wash that are specially formulated for acne prone and oily skins. Use plenty of water to wash off all traces of the cleanser.

Frequent washing with soap and water is not advocated. Do not wash your face with soap more than two or three times a day. Too much soap and water washing disrupts the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, leaving it predisposed to bacterial attack. After cleansing, wipe the face with an astringent- toner, using cotton wool. A rose-based skin tonic would help.

Avoid the use of oily cleansing and nourishing creams. If the outer layer feels taut, as in winter, use a light liquid moisturizer.

Also, diet plays an important role too. Excess intake of sweets, chocolates, cola drinks, fried foods and snacks can have a detrimental effect. Lack of fiber in the diet can lead to a congested system and congested skin, which in turn can lead to eruptive skin conditions. Include fruits, raw salads and sprouts in your daily diet. Drink plenty of water and take fresh fruit juices.

If pimples and acne make an appearance, never hesitate to seek professional help. For such problems, medicated lotions, ointments and face packs are available and can be added to the daily skin care routine.

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