Score high in Group-I exam

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Group-I exam

1. According to the Economic Survey, the life expectancy at birth in Telangana for Male and Female is
a) 69.4 year, 73.2 year b) 68.3 year, 67.2 year c) 53.8 year, 74.2 year d) 44 year, 54 year

2. Out of total districts in Telangana how many have district hospital?
a) 7 b) 8 c) 9 d) 6

3. Government of Telangana launched which one of the following programmes to address Malnutrition and Anemia among Pregnant women?
a) KTR Kit b) KCR Kit c) Health Kit d) Arogyasri Kit

4. What is the compensation amount paid under KCR Kit to pregnant women?

a) 12000 M, 13000 F b) 13000 M, 12000 F
c) 14000 M, 12000 F d) 14000 F, 12000 M

5. Which one of the following programmes was launched by Telangana government to provide full hot cooked meals to pregnant women?
a) KCR Kit b) ICDS
c) Arogyasri d) Arogya Laxmi scheme

6. Telangana government has made it mandatory to provide one Asha worker for how much of Population?
a) 500 b) 800 c) 1,000 d) 1,200

7. Identify the programme launched by the Telangana government for skill enhancement in quality health care.

a) Deekshta Programme
b) Dakshata Programme
c) Skill TG Mission
d) Health expect Skill Programme

8. The scheme that provide pick and drop facilities between home and hospital in Telangana is
a) Amma help b) Amma Vodi
c) Amma delivery d) None of the above

9. What is the helpline number of Amma Vodi services?
a) 100 b) 101 c) 102 d) 108

10. Amma Vodi Scheme was launched on
a) 26 December 2016 b) 28 December 2017
c) 22 January 2018 d) 24 January 2018

11. The app launched to provide Job aid to ANM’S is
a) Job @ your door step
b) Welcome Job
c) Anmol APP
d) Hawk eye

12. Identify the name of the programme launched by TS govt to provide immunization to children
a) Do boondh vaccination
b) Teeka Bandi vaccination
c) Drop for your life
d) Strong kids

13. The total tribal population of Telangana is
a) 9.08% b) 9.18% c) 7.8% d) 8.1%

14. The name of the online inventory programme for Supply of drugs launched by Telangana Government is
a) Jan- aushadi b) e-Aushadhi c) e- Ayush d) e-medicine

15. CMNNDs stands for

a) Communicable, Maternal, Nutritional, Neonatal
b) Communicable, Maternal, Neonatal, Nutritional
c) Communicable, Mortality, Nutritional, Neonatal
d) Communicable, Mortality, Neonatal, Nutritional

16. The NGO which is implementing “Avoidable Blindness free villages” programme in Telangana is

a) PARAM b) Saksham
c) Sukhibhava d) Kanti Velugu

17. Mehdi Nawab Jung institute of Oncology located in which district of Telangana ?
a) Ranga Reddy b) Warangal c) Nizamabad d) Hyderabad

18. Which among the following are concepts of agrarian?
1. Traditional
2. Custom based
3.Technologically backward
a) 1 and 2
b) 2 and 3
c) 1 and 3
d) All the above

19. Telangana Minority Study Circle was established in the year
a) 2014-15 b) 2015-16 c) 2016-17 d) 2017-18

20. Badibata programme for enrollment of children is carried out in Telangana
a) Once in a year
b) Twice in a year
c) Continuously run throughout the year
d) Every 3 months

21. The literacy Rate of India from 2001 -2011 increased from 64.84% to

a) 74.04% b) 73.98% c) 82.18% d) 83.98%

22. The literacy rate of Telangana from 2001-2011 increased from 58% to
a) 66.54 b) 68.98 c) 55.38 d) 56.98

23. The literacy rate of Hyderabad district is
a) 83.2 b) 84.5 c) 86.2 d) 84.2

24. In the school evaluation category what is the rank of Telangana in India?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

25. The aim of mid-day meal program is
a) Enhance Enrollment
b) Retention and attendance
c) Improve nutritional status
d) All the above.

26. The Sustainable Development Goals emaciated by UN, targets to be achieved by member countries by
a) 2030
b) 2025
c) 2040
d) 2050

27. Each SDG is support by a set of targets specific objectives that are associated with that goal. How many targets are there in total?
a) 99
b) 1016
c) 169
d) 51

28. Goal 1 of SDG talks about poverty. What is the aim of this goal?
a) Cut poverty in half by 2030
b) Reduce poverty by 75% by 2030
c) End poverty in all its forms every where
d) Help each nation make progress on reducing poverty

29. Which of the following is not part of sustainable Development goals?
a) Access to sustainable energy for all
b) Water and sanitation for all
c) Provision of internet for all
d) Promotion of decent jobs for all

30. Street Vendors Act, was passed in the year
a) 2011
b) 2012 `
c) 2013
d) 2014


1-a, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a, 5-d, 6-c, 7-b, 8-b, 9-c, 10-a
11-c, 12-b, 13-a, 14-b, 15-a, 16-b, 17-d, 18-d, 19-b
20-a, 21-a, 22-a, 23-a, 24-d, 25-d, 26-a, 27-c, 28-c
29-c, 30-d

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