Scrape that dead skin off

Our feet carry us every day, but are often not cared for as much as they should be

By   |  Published: 12th Mar 2019  6:47 pm

We all neglect our feet at some point or another because of the busy schedules that surround our lives, giving our feet the least focus and preference. They are exposed to countless burdens as we walk, run or stand for long hours.

Therefore, it is very important to pamper your feet and pay attention to them as they can become rough and, especially, calloused. The build-up of hard skin on the feet can reduce the sensitivity of skin over time, if left untreated and further results in cracking and even gets swollen.

As a consequence, it doesn’t look attractive, especially during this season when sandals are in vogue. Hence, it is important to remove dead skin whenever there is a formation or prevent it before it’s formed. But, how to go about it?

Moisturising is the basic but there others requirements too which needs to be fulfilled, like from wearing only comfortable shoes that fit properly to finding a daily footcare routine that works for you.

You can also use a used toothbrush with some scrub to exfoliate. Scraping helps in removing the dead skin and can get rid of those corns. While there are many types of foot scrapers available at stores and online, it is suggested to get the task done from a trained professional because doing at home it may cause further damage.

While formation of dead skin is a natural phenomenon, there is no need to let dead cells sit on the feet of any part of your area and take away its radiance. Just follow a routine to reclaim the smooth and soft skin.

Treat your feet right

– Don’t wear tight shoes.
– Wash your feet after coming from outside.
– Don’t use strong soaps.
– Exfoliate once a week while soaking in warm water.
– Get a pedicure at least once a month.

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