‘Script is important, not the budget’

Narayandass Narang, a well-known film distributor, shares his long journey in the world of Telugu movies

By Author  |  Published: 20th Aug 2019  10:03 pm
Movie mogul

Narayandass K Narang, who had been ruling film business for the last several decades by financing films, distributing, and now film production, was born in Pakistan before Partition, in 1946. As destiny would have it, his family migrated to India in the same year.

As he grew up and took up business, he wanted to get into the showbiz. Narayandass never had to look back as he delved deeper into film field and embraced various facets of cinema. Today, his is a name to reckon with when it comes to film distribution and financing.

Narayandass opened up and unveiled his long journey on the canvas of films. “Soon after returning from Pakistan, my father entered the business of metals. Till almost ’67, our family only thrived on it before we initiated our journey into films. Around 400 films had our credits. Among them, NTR topped the list with 40 films out of which 16 were major hits.

I still remember today’s most celebrated maker, Aswani Dutt , as a youngster of 21 when he made Yugapurushudu. That was when we were hopping in initial success before Telangana was merged into AP in 1956,” reminisced Narayandass.

As on date, Narayandass of Asian films and theatres holds 45 per cent of the whole business in Telangana with 60 single theatres, 40 multiplex screens. He holds a record of introducing a multiplex in Hanamkonda during the latest Telangana agitation in 2010 and 2011.

He feels that the film industry witnessed a fantastic revolution. “From benches to multiplexes, cinema travelled a long distance. Of course, I find no difference in the enjoyment with eight anas’ ticket those days and a ticket of Rs 150 today. Interesting films bring the audiences. However, the fate is not in anybody’s hands. Every Friday writes a new story, whether the film is a hit or a flop,” Narayanadass shared.

With a reference to the changing trends in the film industry, he categorically denied that the films of today are devoid of taste and class. “Film industry has never been healthy. But, the quality of the films has really improved now. ‘Maximum number of theatres’ concept surfaced only to curb video piracy.

If the film squeezes out maximum shares in the first three days, the trade will be in the safest zone. Those days, I used to release the films of NTR in maximum seven theatres,” he says and shares how half of Attarintiki Daredi was leaked. “We were very lucky since the film in many theatres drew large revenues,” he adds.

Commenting on the huge budgets, he points out the importance of a proper script to make the budgets meaningful. “Every film cannot be a Baahubali. What happened to 2.0? Focus is very important, like Dil Raju. He concentrates with conviction. That is why, he is able to produce back-to-back hits,” concludes Narayandass.