These Origami artists are expert at making masterpieces

Origami is an art associated with Japanese culture, and these vlogs help you learn the basics as well as master the skill.

By Author  |  Published: 8th Feb 2018  11:13 pmUpdated: 9th Feb 2018  1:24 am

Japan never fails to take us by surprise, be it technology, work-culture or anime; this country continues to be on the top of the list. And the intricate designs they could do with a piece of paper have certainly grabbed the attention around the globe.

Though they look all complicated, appropriate instructions and practice are all you need to ace this skill.

Here are a few YouTube which would help you master this skill:

Jo Nakashima

Right from making small flowers to various kinds of animals, this channel has a tutorial for everything. The channel is run by Jo Nakashima who is Brazilian Nikkei. He is running his YouTube channel since 2007 and he has only been improving his skills ever since. You can also follow his blog @ or you can check out his videos on YouTube.

Origami channel

Showcasing the origami tutorials through digital videos, ‘Origami channel’ stands out with its unique display. Though the channel is currently inactive, one can go through its amazing 3D design tutorial videos.

Tadashi Mori

The origami figurines by Tadashi Mori are just fascinating. One cannot simply get over the paper miraculously taking shape of one’s favourite Star Wars character. And, from his videos, it becomes evident that mastering origami requires unflinching persistence and patience. Do check out his channel for the most beautiful and challenging designs.

Origami Ninja

‘A journey of a 1,000 miles begins from a single step’, and this serves right to get started with origami. Sure, you cannot be the ultimate master overnight but you will be there eventually.

‘Origami Ninja’ is exactly what you might need to get started with the basics. The impressive video progressions from a simple envelope tutorial to claws would be perfect for an origami fresher.

Henry origami

‘Henry Origami’ is the perfect destination for all the Pokemon lovers. You can find almost every character of Pokemon taking shape from a piece of paper. Apart from Pokemon, you can also find other designs like fidget spinners, swords and hats in this channel.

Here are some Origami blogs to follow:

Ultimate Origami

Holding the largest index of instruction on the Internet, Ultimate Origami has a collection of diagrams, crease patterns and even video tutorials. One will surely find something they would like to fold and unfold. It also provides one with a beginner’s guide for the newbies, which teaches the basic folding and creasing techniques.

Robert J Lang Origami

Named after the origami artist, Robert J Lang, this blog will guide you to expertise in origami artistry. If you are interested in purchasing the original origami artwork or getting tips on how to make origami models, is your best bet.

Paper Kawaii

The blog contains over 300 tutorials on various types of origami artwork. It also provides readers with handmade gift and home decoration ideas. Whether you are engrossed in origami or not, Paper Kawaii will intrigue you with variety in its origami tutorials.