Seetha Ram Chandraswamy temple: Don’t miss this cinema gudi

Why the temple of Seetha Ram Chandraswamy is held in high regard by the movie fraternity

By Author  |  Saurabh Chatterjee  |  Published: 2nd Jul 2017  12:02 amUpdated: 2nd Jul 2017  12:04 am
Seetha Ram Chandraswamy
The Sri Seetha Ram Chandraswamy Temple which ensures film success at the box office. Photo: Saurabh Chatterjee

In my quest to find a tranquil place to see close to Hyderabad, I stumbled upon my good friend and avid blogger – Prasad’s Desi Traveller page describing his trip to the Seetha Ram Chandraswamy temple in Ammapalli. Before this, I had never heard of it nor read about it anywhere.The post motivated me to check it out.

By this time, our Royal Enfield was serviced, so it seemed like a good time to go for a short drive. The temple seemed to fit my idea of a spiritual place, which is not too crowded and where the queue doesn’t squeezethe food from your stomach, just for a fraction of a second of darshan. That’s where I find peace. According to Sri Sathyanarayanamurthy Sharma, one of the archakas, the temple was built about 700 years ago by a local ruler Venghi Rajulu. That makes it older than the Charminar or even Golkonda fort.

Seetha Rama Chandraswamy
Seetha Rama Chandraswamy Temple

Unknown to many from the city, Sri Seetha Ram Chandraswamy temple is revered by the Telugu film industry. It is believed that shooting one scene here will ensure the film’s success at the box office. That’s why it’s colloquially called as the ‘cinema-gudi’. We had heard of Visa Balaji, but a movie temple was a first. As the city’s temperaturesoaredto 40 degrees, we started for the temple at 4pm and reached in an hour’s time. The setting sun provided the perfect backdrop for taking some photographs and highlighted the temple’s impressive structure with its beautiful carvings on the gopuram.

A big and clean Pushkarini (temple tank) and mandapam is located right near the entrance.It was a welcome change to see a cleantank, as most get dried up due to lack of maintenance and end being used as dumping grounds.

A unique aspect of this temple is the statue of Hanuman on the dhwaja sthambham. Unlike other temples where his place is at Lord Rama’s feet, here it’s at the entrance where the monkey god faces Rama. It is believed that as pilgrims go inside, Hanuman waits for Rama’s instructions to fulfil their desires. A lot of people come here to get their wishes fulfilled and come back again when it is done. We took a quick parikrama taking in the architecture of the place.

Seetha Rama Chandraswamy
Seetha Rama Chandraswamy Temple

By the time we finished, we could hear the temple gongs signaling the time for aarthi. We sat down in the temple courtyard for sometime watching the parakeets chirping and flying around freely. It was time to go back and plan for another trip.

How to reach: The Seetha Ram Chandraswamy temple is about 35kms from Hyderabad.
Thanks to the airport, the connectivity to the temple is made easy through the PV Narasimha Expressway or via ORR. You have to take the Rallaguda Road. You will find a big temple arch on the left leading to Ammapalli village.

Nearby places: The Pahadi Sharif dargah is another 30 minutes drive from here.

Tips: The best time to go here is either early morning or evening.