‘Seetha Ramuni Kosam’: Seems to be impressive balanced narration

Film: Seetha Ramuni Kosam; Director: Anil Gopireddy; Cast: Sharath Sreerangam, Karunya Chowdary, Anil Gopireddy and Thagubothu Ramesh.

By Author  |  Published: 15th Dec 2017  5:43 pmUpdated: 16th Dec 2017  5:40 pm
'Seetha Ramuni Kosam' movie poster.
A still of 'Seetha Ramuni Kosam'.

The two are different and if horror genre seek to send a shiver down your spine, family drama come laced with emotional dramas and oodles of sentiment. But, a mix of these two genres while being a tough task throws up a completely different experience for viewers. And ‘Seetha Ramuni Kosam’ seeks to ride this path.

An ad director Ram, essayed by the film’s director Anil Gopireddy himself falls in love with Seetha, an orphan, portrayed by Karunya Chowdary. They get married and lead a happy family life along with their daughter. But, the twist in the tale arises when Ram leaves his family for the sake of a carefree and joyous life. The heartbroken wife kills both herself and her daughter and they become spirits, waiting for Ram.

Interestingly, the narrative is built by another lead character played by Sharath Sreerangam, an expert in the study of ghosts.

Story wise, Anil Gopireddy’s plot has no big complexities and as it progresses, the story turns out to be predictable. The film takes off with kind natured spirits in the house as the backdrop while the second half runs purely as a family drama. It drags a bit and interlocking of two genres perhaps lack the kind of intensity to brighten up the proceedings.

Anil Gopireddy impresses in the direction department and also succeeds well in music department with his songs and background score. Except for a special song, rest of the tunes are quite soothing. Cinematography by Jayapal Reddy is worth-mentioning.

On the acting front, Sharath Sreerangam and Anil Gopireddy fail to impress much while Karunya remains the only attraction in terms of presence and performance.