How to select the right wrist watch

It does more than just telling time, they can tell a lot more about your personality

By Author  |  Published: 6th Nov 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 6th Nov 2017  10:24 pm
wrist watch

Let us go with the quote that ‘First impression is the best impression.’ There is no denying that people around would largely be influenced by your clothes and then your accessories. One of those men’s accessories that can express ones personality is the wrist watch. So here are few tips for all those men who end up confuse while selecting the best wrist watch.

Brand is a must

The brand you wear can explain your attitude. We agree that money matters. Instead of buying cheap one from a discount store without any guarantee, it is better to dress watches from brands like Seiko, Citizen, Titan and Fast track. Always buy a water resistant watch. Wearing them on a workout or when caught in rain can save you money. The most prestigious brands are available only in authorised retailers. So online shopping is not that safe all the time. Comparing prices and going through reviews is one of those best ways to look before buying a watch. Sometimes opinions of friend can also work.

Say no to glitters

Flashy watches are not preferable for every occasion especially at offices. They may sometimes take away all your efforts and credentials. For example, sports watch can suit perfect for a party and may not be the best choice for a job interview. For a conservative yet classy look, the measurements of the watch are important. It has to be 37 to 42 millimetres in diameter and less than 15 millimetres in thickness. Until and unless you are a DJ, you need not buy a 57 mm in diameter and 25 mm thick watch. It is always better to prefer the one that can easily fit under the cuff of a long sleeved shirt.

Mind what you wear

Always keep in mind that the remaining accessories you wear need to match with your shoes. If your watch has a brown strap, see that you wear a brown belt and brown shoes. If your watch has gold tones, see that there are traces of gold in your belt buckle.