Shades of summer

The season is about cool and happening tones that one must adorn to look suave and chic

By Author  |  Jasthi Clothing  |  Published: 10th Mar 2019  7:18 pm

That time of the year, when the heat is scorching and the days are longer is almost here. Summer wardrobe options are always broad, but it is also important to wear the right colours that don’t absorb heat whilst ensuring they’re in trend. We have curated a list of colours that are mild yet trendy colours of the season.

Classic staple

The colour, mango mojito yellow, is good at beating the heat while looking absolutely elegant. You could opt for floral dresses or skirts or printed tees in this shade. Pants of this colour are also a hit and are a cool way of styling with the co-ordinates. Men could go for shirts or chinos or polo neck in this shade.

Neutral toned

Oat is an almost white, almost beige neutral toned colour that oozes sophistication. Another timeless shade that is trendy, oat goes well with dark toned colours like olive green, navy blue, terracotta, white and black. This colour in summer-friendly fabrics like linen and cotton is a must-have.

Peachy hue

The official colour of the year, living coral is a beautiful concoction of pink, orange, red and gold all fused together to form one beautiful colour. This colour embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide buoyancy in our continually changing environment. Carry a piece of living coral along with you as often as possible to stay right on trend.

Striking pastel

Sweet lilac is an endearing pink infused with lavender. It is perfect for summer evenings, because of it’s easy and charming nature. Maxis for women and shirts or t-shirts for men in this colour makes it look eye-catchy and smart.

Earthy shade

Auburn red is a raw reddish brown that is a true and earthy colour. It is a summery colour one must wear this season. Summer nights are going to look and feel much better in this shade. Pair this shade with light and neutral colours to stand out.

Ancient touch

Egyptian blue is the perfect hue for you to adorn this season. Pair with greys, whites and blacks; especially for corporate or work-related affairs. Look and stay as cool as water during the season of sizzling heat.