Shakeeb Khaza depicts Telangana culture through his paintings

Artist Shakeeb Khaza, who is painting the metro pillars at Begumpet, talks about the wider opportunities that were available earlier for the painters

By Author  |  Published: 6th Dec 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 6th Dec 2017  9:12 pm
Shakeeb Khaza

Hyderabad city recently witnessed the inauguration of metro rail and its beautification works have already been started. One of the artists Shakeeb Khaza, who is painting the pillars at Begumpet area, depicting the Telangana culture, says that he has been doing this for past 10 days.

Shakeeb Khaza who is an artist and owner of SK Arts says, “This is my first time that I have taken any such project and it is being allotted to me by metro rail authorities along with 14 other artists. We all are assigned 10 pillars each.”

The artist, who is painting 10 pillars at Begumpet, has completed fours pillars so far, with two portraits on each on opposite sides.

Shakeeb KhazaWhile you will be near Shoppers Stop at Begumpet area you can see the portraits of Telangana Talli, Kaloji Narayana Rao, Bonalu, Burrakathalu, Jammi Chettu, peacock, Potharaju, deer and Pala Pitta.

The artist, who is given one month time to finish paintings of the 10 pillars, starts his day at work from seven in the morning and wraps up at six in the evening. The artist says that though he is given one month time to complete, he is not sure of it, as traffic is a great hassle. He even adds that he is trying his best to meet the deadline as he is done with fours pillars already and started the fifth one.

“It’s been 40 years since I am into painting and it started with paintings of movie banners and cutouts which are no more done. Everything has become digital and it is flex boards now,” says Shakeeb.

The artist who used to majorly work for cinema banners and cutouts, now does his artistic work at several schools by taking the projects to transform the plain walls picturesque.

“Apart from painting the school walls with different themes, I also paint the portrait of individuals who come to me,” the artist concludes.