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Office kitchen is no one’s personal space so it's imperative to keep a few things in mind when using it

By Author  |  Published: 20th May 2017  11:26 pmUpdated: 21st May 2017  1:01 am

Having a small kitchen in the office is not a privilege enjoyed by everyone. There are some employees who are lucky to have it, but it is also important to respect it. It is not a personal space; it is a place you share with all other co-workers. So, maintaining certain rules will only help in sharing a better bonding and relationship with others. This is not rocket science, but just simple ways to share the space without any conflict.

This is the first and foremost thing that one should follow while using the office kitchen. Always clean up the mess that you have made. There is no harm in taking an extra step by putting the trash in the garbage bin, wiping off the counters and removing traces of whatever you have got for that day. Never leave empty covers on the counters, and wash the glasses you have used.

Refrigerator space
Refrigerator is one luxury at the office. Just because you have one, do not fill it up with everything you want. Leave some space for others as well, as even they would want to store something they have got. And do not open it every now and then as it may affect the cooling process. Also, remember that refrigerator is a space for foods that should be kept cool, so only put those foods that need to be refrigerated.

Only your food
Always remember to eat and drink only what you got. You may find other’s food and drinks tempting, but never try to get your hands on them even if they are your close friends. Always ask their permission, before you savour others’ food. Keep in mind that unless the person offers it to you, do not eat it and if you are really craving for it, bring that for yourself.

Eat it or throw it
Always remove your food before it gets spoiled. It is also advisable to use refrigerator only to store that day’s food. But there may be instances where you need to keep it for a little longer than required, then do not forget to go back to it. Either eat it or throw it away.