Shop for eco-friendly products

The next time you go to buy stuff, think whether you are investing or wasting

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jul 2018  9:26 pm
eco-friendly products

We could have embraced an eco-friendly lifestyle much earlier but it is not too late yet. Especially when some part of the population is constantly conducting campaigns, cleaning beaches to spread awareness amongst individuals, it is high time for you to become one of them and adopt a disciplined and non-toxic lifestyle.

So, to better your life and lead an environment-friendly lifestyle, there a few things you need to find replacement for when you go for shopping.

Go for steel

Instead of opting for those fancy and colourful plastic water bottles, go for stainless steel bottles. These are not only long-lasting and non-hazardous to health but also come in much more impressive models. This could be one thing that you need to bring home to add more charm to your bottles collection.

The metal straw

If you do not find reusable straws, then, visit some online shopping portals where they sell straws made of copper and other materials. You can get them in bulk as well as single pieces. Undoubtedly, they might appear to be expensive but they are one-time investment.

Reusable coffee cups

This is going to be a little awkward in the beginning if you are a conscious person. But, if your motto is to ditch plastic, then, you have to do this. So, next time you go to a coffee shop, ask the staff to pour your hot chocolate or coffee in your recyclable cup if they are providing it in a plastic container. If you think it is too much for you in the beginning, then, you can use it at least while travelling or at office. With a price range that can fit any budget, the fancy coffee cups are available online as well as offline.

Carry a cloth bag

Most of the time, people end up shopping when they are out for a movie or catching up with friends over a coffee. And, the moment they reach the billing counter, the staff asks if plastic carry bag also needs to be included in the bill. Isn’t it time we realise that we end up spending a lot on plastic bag each time we shop? This is where a cloth bag can come to the rescue. So, it is always better to buy a cloth bag and keep it with you or else buy one during the billing session instead of spending money on a plastic bag. Though paper bags are also one good option, they can’t be folded and kept in your handbag easily.