Short film ‘One Night Stand’ leaves strong message to viewers

By Author  |  Published: 6th Jan 2018  11:07 pmUpdated: 6th Jan 2018  9:02 pm
Short Film, One Night Stand
One Night Stand, A short film directed by Shailendra Singh.

Rocky, who is actually known as Saurabh is all set to go for a date with Tanya. He finds Tanya on a dating website and fixes a deal with her for a one night stand. Rocky books a hotel and orders champagne to have it with Tanya.

After all, she was one of the most beautiful girls he ever met or dated. While making love, Tanya slowly makes Rocky reveal all the passwords of his phone, secure codes of his bank accounts and after he falls asleep, transfers all the data from his phone to hers. She even records what happened between them and clicks pictures too. An impressed and smitten Rocky pays her double the amount she has asked for.

After a few days, Rocky receives a call from Tanya and she asks him to meet him over a cup of coffee. Tanya asks Rocky to give her his watch and tells him that she will return him the next time they meet. Rocky feels something fishy but lets it go. When he asks her ‘one night stand means to have no further connection with the person’, so why is she trying to meet him, Tanya says that she wants to be a good friend.

To our surprise, we’re introduced to Saurabh’s wife and child while having dinner at home. The couple keep arguing about not having time for each other and the kid. At this point, he gets a call from Tanya and here comes the twist when she tells him that she is in love with him.

He asks her to meet at a restaurant and takes his wife along — something the audience don’t expect at all. Tanya gets shocked to see his wife there and keeps screaming at them. When Saurabh’s wife asks her to negotiate for a deal, Tanya reveals all the pictures, videos and other information she has about Saurabh. Mrs Saurabh threatens Tanya saying she’ll call her parents to tell them everything about her. Tanya calms down and just closes the deal. On the other hand, Rocky will be divorced by his wife and the custody of their daughter goes to his wife.

Leaving the audience with a strong message that sometimes, many things have to be dealt with carefully and not in a risky way, the film ends. Shailendra Singh has directed the short film well, and the cast too has given good performances.