Travel made easy via Zippr

Reach your destination in just a click.

By Author  |  Published: 31st Jan 2017  11:16 pmUpdated: 1st Feb 2017  1:00 am
Zippr App. Source: Internet

We’ve all lost our way at least once, trying to find an address. Putting an end to this trouble is the Zippr app that has been developed by a Hyderabadi lad Aditya Vuchi. The app has revolutionised travel and made commute easy for people. Just enter the code and it will show you the exact location.

City-based app designer Aditya says that the idea to create this app came out of his own experiences. He recalls his struggle to reach an address after he had returned from the US. 

“I went around the place for almost three hours, but couldn’t find it,” he says. The software engineer says that it was then that he realised how people struggle with postal addresses. So, he decided to make it a simple deal.

“Initially, I did not have an idea on how to go about it, but with time I narrowed it down to a crisp plan. I wanted it to be easy to remember and share, which was possible only with a code,” Aditya shares. The 30-year-old mentions that he did not expect people to accept it so soon. Surprisingly, within two years, almost every house in various localities have zippr codes.

Now a happy entrepreneur, Aditya says that through the Zippr app, anybody can access any address with the code created. “Once the zippr code is generated and passed on, the person just needs to access it and would directly get connected to the respective address through Google maps,” he adds. An alumnus of Hyderabad Public School, he shares that the code is useful for both consumers and businesses. “It makes it easier for restaurants delivering food, e-commerce players delivering goods and such,” he adds. The entrepreneur shares that even people without a smartphone can use it. “The app also gives an option of using Zippr cards which provides a unique number that can be passed on to the person who wants to reach the desired address,” he says.

This app can be used by everyone to send their address to different people who want to reach them. Zippr was released in December 2014, and is free.