Signature campaign launched to brand Kansas shooting as ‘terrorist act’

By   |  Published: 24th Feb 2017  4:14 pmUpdated: 24th Feb 2017  7:09 pm

Hyderabad: Indians in the US, including many from Kansas, have launched a signature campaign for a petition to the White House, asking the Trump government to brand the incident at Olathe as an act of terrorism.

This is what the petition says:

There has been an incident of shooting outside a pub in Olathe, Kansas on the evening of 02/22/2017. This unfortunate incident ended up injuring 2 and killing 1(Indian National), all of whom were innocent people trying to spend an evening in good company.

Media reports cite Police Department stating this as a possible Hate Crime which it definitely is.

More than that, this is also an act of terrorism where a people from a specific community were targeted and shot at along with racial slurs being thrown by the shooter.

This act has shaken the lawful residents of this country on the impact of Gun violence that continues to claim several lives.

Terrorism has no race and the govt. authorities would do their best in declaring this as a terrorist attack to ensure justice is served !