Simple solutions to combat air pollution

By Author  |  Lekha  |  Published: 9th Jan 2018  11:30 pmUpdated: 9th Jan 2018  8:59 pm

The alarming level of air pollution in Delhi has made everyone take notice of this grave issue. It isn’t the only city in India with rising pollution levels. A recent survey has found Kolkata’s air quality to be not far behind the Capital’s. The ever-increasing industries and vehicles have been a major cause of this and it is no longer confined only to the metro cities. A few home remedies that might give you a hint of fresh air in this otherwise concerning situation.


Warm water with salt gargle is the ultimate defence against infections. Practising this everyday will eliminate all the toxins from the throat and prevent diseases.

Tulsi- ginger tea

Drinking a concoction of tulsi and ginger will keep you safe in polluted environments. The antibacterial and immune-building properties of these ingredients are ideal for maintaining a healthy ENT.

Vitamin C

Everyone is aware that an adequate amount of vitamin C will help the body fight against diseases and infections. So, it does not come as a surprise when drinking lemon juice or incorporating fruits rich in vitamin C are beneficial in combating respiratory issues.

Olive oil

Cooking food in olive oil helps the immune system fight against microorganisms. Since the pollution nowadays consists of particulate matter, olive oil can be incorporated in everyday cooking.

Steam Inhalation

Adding turmeric or eucalyptus oil to a pot of hot water and inhaling the steam is highly recommended for people with weak respiratory systems. It opens up the nasal passages and makes breathing easy.