Simple ways to release stress

Exercises are the best way to de-stress and boost your mood anytime, anywhere

By Author  |  Published: 14th Nov 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 14th Nov 2017  11:04 pm

Not everybody has the time to go for a walk or be determined enough to follow a workout routine. While they are the best ways to de-stress, there are a few other simpler ways to tackle your stressful situation anytime, anywhere.

Breathe in and out

Find a place where there is lesser noise or climb up the stairs that leads to the terrace in case you are in the office. Here, you can simply calm yourself, close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out. Repeat it for four to six times. “You can try different breathing exercises, it will give you instant relief,” says freelance fitness trainer, Mohammed Ghaffar.


More like the warm-up routine that most of you must be following, do them when you feel exhausted and stressed. “Indulging in a few minutes of doing planks and lunges front and back will do wonders,” adds the fitness trainer.

Yoga time

Doing three to four yoga poses will also help your body and mind to release stress. It’s another way to relax your muscles and get your focus. You can start with your shoulder and neck — lift your arms and keep them in line with your ears while you continue to look straight. Slowly breathe in and out, move your shoulders backward and then forward.

The mind exercise

Have no time to do any of the above? Stay wherever you are and try to detach yourself from what’s happening around. Maybe, you can close your eyes to concentrate more. Then, let your power of imagination take over. Think about some good old memories or beautiful scenery or anything that makes you happy. Refilling your mind with positive vibes will definitely help.