How sleeplessness is linked to heart diseases

It has been found that even if individuals who do not have high blood pressure stood a chance of developing stroke due to the issue

By Author  |  Dr Venugopal Gouri  |  Published: 21st Nov 2019  7:25 pmUpdated: 22nd Nov 2019  12:09 am

Apart from food and nutrition if there is a vital aspect of life that keeps the metabolism vivid and vibrant during the day, it has to be the good tonic of sleep at night. If a person has difficulty in falling asleep and remaining asleep for at least days of the week over three months; then he is suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness.

Some people have difficulty in falling asleep and some cannot stay asleep for long and get disturbed from sleep. What is worrying is the fact that individuals with sleep issues have a tendency to develop heart diseases more likely than the others. It has also found more people with insomnia getting anxiety, depression and even abuse of alcohol. A study was conducted by China Kadoone Biobank, an institute which studies chronic diseases and their causes in China and happened to study this subject on a group of volunteers aged between 30 and 70 who never had heart disease.

According to the study, three symptoms of insomnia were observed. Problems in falling asleep which was about 11 per cent of the people. Problems in staying asleep in about 10 per cent of the studied people. Waking up too early and difficulty in ability to focus on work during the daytime which was about 2% of the people.

At the end of ten years of study it was observed that:

A person with all the three symptoms of sleeplessness had 18 per cent chance of developing heart disease.

People who had difficulty in focussing at work during daytime due to sleeplessness was about 13 per cent chance of cardiovascular diseases

If they had difficulty in falling asleep, they had a 9 per cent higher chance of this issue

If they would wake up and would not be able to fall asleep again, such people stood a 7 per cent higher chance of developing sleep issues.

Also, it has been found that even if individuals who do not have a tendency for high blood pressure stood a chance of developing stroke and heart disease due to sleeplessness. As such the causes of sleeplessness remain anxiety, stress and mental depression and homeopathic remedies like Arg nit, Arsenic alb and Ignatia are a good remedy. Chronic fatigue syndrome when the cause is helped by Cocculus. If reflux keeps one awake, China and Calc carb soothe down the heartburn and allow them to sleep. Respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, sleep apnoea can keep one away from sleep and can remain well treated with CArbo veg, Amm carb, Lachesis, Op, etc. If thyroid is the root cause of the issue, Brom, Iod and Natrum mur help the condition. If arthritis is an issue, Arnica is the best way out. Hormonal issues playing a havoc on the human system are corrected with Sang can, Lilium tig, etc.

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