Slim and sleek shelves

Here are some cool options to stock the prized possessions of book lovers

By Author  |  Published: 5th May 2019  12:50 amUpdated: 4th May 2019  4:59 pm

A book lover’s haven is within the four walls of the room where his/her books are all stacked. Of course, not everyone can be organised and some bookworms have their possessions stuffed or spread around in a haphazard way. This is when a bookcase comes in handy to organise one’s treasured collection as well as easily locate those books that one wants to re-read.

Here are some cool bookshelf that people who love tomes can lay their hands on.

It is said that the Barrister bookcases, which originated in England and designed for the use of the law experts, became popular because of its unique stackable design. Barristers have many law books which pose a problem if they had to move to new chambers. So, each book was arranged neatly in a way where the title was visible.

Even in a tiny apartment, one can find cool space-saving options to store one’s books. While a lot of modern shelves are being flaunted both online and offline, interior designers too are coming up with their own unique touch when it comes to bookshelves where the space is used in a smart way. “A corner coffee table-cum-books holder is the best space-saver. If you have a corner where a square-shaped stool can fit, then, that would be a perfect coffee table or flower vase-cum-bookshelf, where the needed books can be kept under the stool and the coffee or a vase can be kept on it,” says Shravani, an interior designer from the city.

Geometrical wooden shelves are another trendy option. As all books don’t have the same shape and size, this modern decor is a great way of presenting shapes framing your prized possessions. They come in different shapes and sizes, and can be organised on the walls in an orderly, or abstract, way.

“We really enjoy designing a bookshelf. While pursuing BArch, as part of one subject, we had to work on interior designing; our lecturer gave us a few books and challenged us to design a bookshelf which should hold minimum 100 books. We were given a few instructions – the title of the book should be visible, it should be easy to handle, it should not occupy much space, and also look creative. We thought for a while and with the given material, we made a circular shelf – it looked creative as well matched all the instructions. We were awarded the best,” explains Himaja, who is currently pursuing MArch at JNTU.

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