Smart route to fitness

How activity trackers can help you organise your everyday activities and keep you fit

By Author  |  Published: 28th Jan 2018  12:50 amUpdated: 26th Jan 2018  3:38 pm
An activity tracker is a new and handy way to keep track of your fitness levels

Whether they come in the form of apps in mobile phones or a smart watch, activity trackers without a doubt are motivating one and all in staying true to their fitness levels.

Activity trackers are gadgets that track your activity and motivate you to improve your fitness regime. They make you aware of your activity level throughout the day and keep your fitness in check. They measure your steps, heart rate, sleep and other basic fitness parameters, that too with more and more accuracy as technology evolves. You can even pair them with your phones to track fitness trends and challenge yourself to a fitter lifestyle. Some of them even have displays and will remind you to walk every hour.

Such gadgets not only keep you fit, but can also be life-saving. Recently it saved a man’s life in New York City by preventing a heart attack. The smart watch alerted him that his heart rate was higher and he immediately went to the hospital.

Anudeep with his activity tracker

Apple watch user, Anudeep Thommandru, CEO of Blue Drive India says activity trackers are like personal health monitors. “Users can log their food, activities and weight to track over a period of time and can set daily or weekly goals for steps, calories burned, consumed and distance walked. For me, it keeps asking me to stand and walk. Most of the times, I decline. But I try to make it five times a day at least,” shares Anudeep.

The trackers make also ensures that they are water-resistant so you can wear them all day long. Some activity trackers even come with in-built Bluetooth, where you can keep your smartphones connected at all times and answer calls, read notifications, set alarms and reminders.

Activity trackers as a trend are slowly picking up with many using fitness apps in their phones. Sridhar Nallamothu, editor at Computer Era says, “It traces the GPS location and gives the average number of steps taken. Whether you travel on vehicle or walk, it calculates the distance and gives you the number. Many get tensed after seeing such results. Only an in-built device with sensor chip placed in it works accurately.”

But with every gadget, there is a pitfall to using it every minute of the day. Like with any digital item, there is a risk of exposure to radiation. Sridhar says, “Radiation is low in activity trackers, compared to the devices we use in our life. So there is not much harm, instead it keeps your health in track and advices you to take care of it in the safest way possible.”

If one lacks the motivation to go on, these trackers also have a community page where users can challenge each other. The social element foresees an increase in motivation, finding that users take an average of 900 more steps per day when they have friends on the app. They also share their pictures and success badges in the respective pages. However fitness trainer Marshal Michael says, “Until and unless you make up your mind and wake up, no gadget will work. Self motivation is the first step for any beginning.”