Smart tips for home makeovers

Use mirrors, multi-purpose furniture to make your interiors look bigger

By Author   |   Published: 13th Sep 2017   10:46 pm

Make your abode appear bigger and spacious by using mirrors, de-cluttering your house and pay attention to the colours you pick for the curtains, suggest experts.

Sunil Gupta, founder at Exporters India and experts at SaleBhai have shared a few inputs:

Pick the right colours

Go for light, yet solid colours to paint the interior walls of your home, as well as light-coloured decorative utilities that can reflect more light, and create a brighter ambience. These days, bright coloured curtains or drapes in pastel shades are a rage in the Indian market. You can also go for beige shades in designer curtains to add a regal touch this festive season.

Choose the right furniture

While redecorating your home for the festive season, make sure you pick the right furniture to enhance its overall appeal without taking too much room. Invest in multi-purpose, space-saving furniture such as adjustable dining table sets, bunk beds and wall-mounted beds. You can also find innovative dining-cum-pool tables that serve both functional and recreational purposes.

Use decorative or antique mirrors

Decorative or antique mirrors are another creative element to create the illusion of spaciousness in a small apartment. Apart from serving its general purpose, decorative mirrors also provide a chic look. Nowadays, handmade decorative mirrors are quite popular among buyers and come in a modern contemporary design along with sturdy handles to ensure they last long.

Decorate walls with shelves

Shelves are, perhaps, one of the most useful objects you can invest in to decorate as well as save space in your home. You can also choose wooden corner wall shelves for small decorative indoor plants to add some greens as well as save space.

Invest in wall mounted cabinets

Explore wall mounted cabinets to utilise space in small apartments as they can take care of storage without any kind of space crunch. You can find beautiful cabinets in wood as well as hybrid wood, among other long lasting varieties.