Smartphone to avoid distractions during exams

Samsung launches a phone without data access

By   |  Published: 13th Apr 2018  8:55 pm

Parents who deal with children glued to their phones will do well by buying the new phone by Samsung with no access to the internet. The phone launched by the South Korean tech giant, is aimed at students who want to avoid distractions during examinations.

The Galaxy J2 Pro is conceived as a basic version of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy range, with different technical features.

The J2 Pro does not have access to the 3G and 4G data networks, although it can be connected to the internet on WiFi networks.

It is also equipped with front and rear cameras and a high-resolution five-inch screen.
The model is targeted at students to avoid distractions caused by permanent connection to the network and elderly people who don’t use the internet regularly.

Launched in South Korea, the students can exchange it for a high-end model after their exams end as part of a promotional scheme.

Tens of thousands of students take the university exams that are usually held in November.
The exams are considered so important that South Korea streamlines public transport and deploys law enforcement agencies during the period.