Social media platforms that died this decade

The progressive competition prevailing in the market and the ever-changing trends resulted in the shutting down of many apps

By   |  Published: 27th Dec 2019  7:48 pm

As the decade comes to an end, we saw some big social media giants starting out and now have conquered the field. While some platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Tinder thrived and sat right on top of the list, some big names stumbled off the shelf. The progressive competition prevailing in the market and the ever changing trends of social media forced them to shut their shops down.

While stories, snaps and tweets still reign extensively, some of the platforms couldn’t handle the competition faced and succumbed under pressure. Let’s have a look at some of the big names that bid adieu.


People, especially Indians, who are now living and breathing their social media life on various platforms, had a very different style of building friendships in the early stages of the decade. But in 2004, the growing popularity of Facebook got users to migrate from Orkut, leaving it with no other option but to shut down in 2014.


Another big name, which entered with a lot of promises, yet again. Facebook came into the picture, stealing away both its limelight and its users. Google+ was launched in 2011, introducing us to ‘Circles’ and ‘Loops’. It also linked Google’s other products like Google Drive, Blogger and our beloved YouTube. It was going great until it was surrounded with plummeting user engagements which led to the eventual shutdown in 2019.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM was the first mobile messaging service with messages being sent over the internet, using BlackBerry PIN system. Users could exchange messages, pictures, audio recordings, location, stickers and emojis privately or in chat groups. Thanks to WhatsApp taking over the entire world, BBM was shut permanently in 2019.


Short for video hosting service, Vine was released in 2013 wherein users could record 6-second long videos, publish them as well as share them on various other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Having 200 million active users in its bag, Vine was sailing smoothly until it was hit with financial and legal hurdles. Moreover, after facing some stiff competition from Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, Vine was eventually shut in 2017.

Yahoo Messenger

While the messenger doesn’t exist today, it was an integral part of our online lives. Yahoo Messenger aka Y! M was started when online chat rooms still existed, providing its users instant text messaging services, webcam hosting, file transfers and chat rooms. But the people and the internet has evolved drastically since then, besides with the death of chat rooms and the soaring competition faced because of the fresh-faced apps, the messenger closed its doors in 2018.

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