Socialising with strategy

Come Saturday and Sunday, youngsters get busy working out how to make their next move against their opponent in board games

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Jun 2019  12:40 amUpdated: 22nd Jun 2019  3:40 pm

For any big start the first initiating step taken plays a major role, and this was initiated by Siddhanth, who had the passion towards the board games since childhood. It was started as a small hobby group by 4-5 people. He used to organize for his friends who were interested in board gaming. Later he used to pick up a venue or restaurant in the city and would invite his friends who were interested in this board gaming. After few days he realised that he can create a community kind of thing in the city as no board gaming clubs were there. Then social media and word of mouth got several students, software employees, investment bankers, teachers and engineers on board. Now the number has gone up to 50-80 and is growing week by week.

Hyderabad has two board gaming clubs. One is the Hyderabad Board Gaming Club (HBGC) and the second one being Twin Cities Board Gamers Club (TCBGC). “Kritika and Nithika were two game developers who started the Twin Cities Board Gamers Club in 2015, but they were not organizing them consistently, parllelly, there was also Hyderabad Board gamer’s club that was started by Siddhanth, and which was being organized on the other side of the city. Siddhanth and his friend Meghavarshini approached them, and told that they will be able to take that club forward and this side of the city. That created two board gaming clubs. One is Hyderabad board gaming club and the other one is twin city board gaming club. And the first club organizes all games on Saturday and the Twin cities club organizes on Sundays, in different venues like Madhapur, Banjarahills and Begumpet” explains Himanshu the organizer of this event.

Till date the two clubs have organized 69 (TCBGC) and 138 (HBGC) events and there is no registration fee to take part in this club; it’s only the love for the board games that one has to have. “They just have to inform us, so that we know how many people are coming. We have almost 400 games and these games deal with strategy building, build some armies, we go and attack, area control gaming etc.” says Himanshu who is working in Apollo Hospitals.

Playing a game on a computer or phone limits many feelings to a certain degree. Whereas table top ones require interaction and thinking. Many players who have come to this club have been benefitted in building emotional connect, introverts have become expressive, their negotiation skills have improved, memory power has grown and for few it’s a stress buster concludes the organizer.