Staples to avoid this monsoon

Make personal hygiene paramount for the rainy season by avoiding these food items

By Author  |  Published: 10th Aug 2019  6:46 pm
Infections Galore!

This monsoon, ensure that your surroundings are hygienic and safe. Whether at home or work, free your environment from contaminated water, garbage, mosquitoes and other insects. It is very important to keep food items safe and covered, so it’s better to stock up on plastic wraps, aluminium foils to cover food items from contamination.Roaches are a major threat to food items as they can enter almost anywhere; small roaches can stay inside the fridge, microwave, and even storage boxes.

Here are some of the food items you must keep at bay during the rainy season:

Leafy vegetables


The dampness and griminess makes leafy vegetables exposed to germs and the more you consume them, the more chances you have to fall sick during this season. Immunity varies person to person, and it is only safe to avoid infections. Vegetables which you can consume this season include bitter gourd, soyabean chunks, kidney beans, beans, grams and chickpeas.

Fruit juice or peeled fruits

This season, consuming fruit juice from roadside vendors is extremely dangerous for your health as they cut up the fruits in advance, making them exposed to contaminated air and germs. It is strongly advised to consume homemade juice and have fruits immediately after cutting them.

Carbonated or fizzy drinks


Carbonated drinks tend to reduce minerals from our body, thus weakening immunity as well as the digestive system. If the hour calls for a drink, go for ginger tea, coffee, green tea. It will keep your body strong to fight the carrier germs of diseases like cold and cough.


Infections Galore!

A big no during monsoon, one must keep away from seafood. It is very important to know that sea creatures breed in numbers during the rainy season, and they begin living in and feeding on rotting matter. With the amount of food becoming limited, they may survive on anything, putting a piscivore at a contamination risk. Seafoods fans? Hold your horses.