Stockroom raises undisclosed funds

City Startup helps tech companies find skilled programmers

By Author   |   Published: 5th Feb 2017   10:39 am
Stockroom founder Naren Krishna (down right) and his other team members

Hyderabad: The growth of Information Technology companies and startups has given rise to a growing need for coders and programmers. Sensing an opportunity in this space, three startup enthusiasts set up the The one-and-a-half year old Hyderabad-based startup helps technological companies hire skilled programmers through offline and online challenges.

The startup has raised an undisclosed amount of Pre-Series A funding from Mancer Consulting, run by Satya B Sinha and Gyanendra Singh. Earlier in September 2015, the startup raised about $75,000 (about Rs 50.4 lakh).

“When we were touting with the idea of becoming entrepreneurs, we used to hear a lot of companies – big and small both – seeking help for recruiting good coders and programmers. That is when the idea stuck us of starting a portal which helps companies find and filter programmers. This saves a lot of time for the companies and also provides them with good skill set,” Naren Krishna, Founder, told Telangana Today.

With the Pre-Series A funding in hand, the team plans to put in place a predictive analysis platform which will make the probability of getting a right candidate for a particular skill set more viable. In addition, they are also planning to build a strong machine learning team for making the platform – that is all set to go live in August this year.

However, if you thought Stockroom will be restricting itself only to tech hiring, then Krishna is all set to prove you wrong. “Going forward, we have plans to focus on non-tech hiring also, as it has a huge untapped potential,” said Naren, who runs the company along with his two co-founder – Hari Krishna and Ashish Kumar Sahoo.

The company, which does a lot of coding challenges offline, also has a dedicated women coding challenge called Hacker in Her which is happening in Bengaluru. Going ahead, the startup plans to make it a annual event in Hyderabad and Delhi as well. The startup currently has 35 clients under its ambit and has about 20 employees on-board with operations in Bengaluru and Delhi as well.