Startups look up to speed dating for recruitments

The event is a win-win for both startups wanting to hire people and also those wanting to be part of startups.

By Author   |   Published: 14th Mar 2018   12:24 am Updated: 14th Mar 2018   12:32 am
The platform provides both recruiters and job seekers in the startup community to interact with each other and make decisions on the spot.

Hyderabad: Startups are frugal. Most startups who do not have a need to recruit in large numbers and also those who do not have the wherewithal to do campus placements seek solace recruiting in a speed dating format. The event is a win-win for both startups wanting to hire people and also those wanting to be part of startups.

In this, select companies register giving out their requirements like expertise and experience, skill sets domain knowledge they are seeking. The job seekers too register with their skills, the area they are keen to work and so on. Each participant will have three minutes to explain themselves to the prospective hirers. Candidates will go through a selection process before participating in the recruitment drive.

The Centre for Innovation at the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is organising one such startup hiring event event – Hacker Hire, in association with LDA INDIA (Global Youth Exchange Network).

“In the startup world, making connections is difficult. We will play the matchmaker. This is will not be a mass recruitment drive but will focus on getting people with specific skill sets. The applications are screened. This kind of events will also allow founders of a startup to find co-founders,” said Ramesh Loganathan, Professor Co-Innovation at IIIT-H and also founding member at Headstart Network Foundation, a platform for startups.

According to him, there could be about 20 startups that are looking to hire and 40 job aspirants participating in the event.

How does the format work?
Each startup and the prospective co-founder or employee will interact with each other for three minutes. During this time, each explains their requirements and expectations. Then participant moves to next startup to make a pitch. This way, the startups will have multiple candidates to shortlist from. The candidates also get to interact with multiple companies on the same platform, cutting down the need to visit multiple companies at different times. This saves times for both the parties.

While decisions can be made on the spot, the interaction provides scope for a follow-up on either side.

According to K Chinmayanand, who takes care of talent acquisition at Darwinbox, which offers HR management platform, speed dating is ideal for small companies. It is one of the participating startups. “Start-ups look for the right fit in terms of domain expertise. Salary structure that will match industry,” he said.

It is keen on candidates who have experience in ManStat software, which can be used to generate reports on various aspects from within an organisation. Darwinbox is charting expansion plans. It has 60 clients now and over 2,00,000 employee data from these clients on its technology platform, he said.

Some candidates put work, work culture and the learning curve higher than salary, said Loganathan.

“I have earlier interned with two startups. That has increased my love for technology startups. The learning opportunities in a startup are many and my understanding is that we will have to play multiple role,” said G Sai Srinivas, who graduated from a hybrid course combining electronics and computers. “I am fascintated by augmented reality,” he said.