Stay away from those who make you question your worth

Cut out people from your life who repeatedly make your question your worth

By Author  |  Published: 15th Apr 2019  9:01 pm
Deep cleaning

In life, we come across all types of people. Some are good, some mean, or cruel and some, just downright evil. It’s easy to categorise such people, as we know where we stand with them. But, what of the people who are close to us, but hide a secret within? They can be anybody, family, friends, co-workers, teachers, lovers, or strangers. Under the garb of being a well-wisher or helpful, they can slowly leech away your energy, peace and even dignity in some cases.

Conversations with them can often leave you feeling unworthy, idiotic, offended, scared, sick and unloved. You may not be any of these people, but when you experience these emotions consistently in your interactions with such individuals, there is a problem.

Such people are called energy vampires, who always take from you, but never give back. Relationships are an exchange of energy, and when you keep on giving, getting nothing in return, very soon, you won’t have anything left to give.

Energy vampires are very similar to their bloodsucking counterparts, they don’t have energy to sustain themselves, so they will latch onto you and drain your energy. Over time, it’s easy to tell yourself to be the bigger person, especially if they are your family members. In such situations, it’s difficult to create a distance, so learn to cope with such people.

*Tell yourself to let it go. It’s better to not allow them to take up space in your thoughts.

*Recognise when their words or actions are unacceptable and take a stand. Sometimes, speaking out can make all the difference.

*If things begin to turn negative, shift the focus. Don’t react impulsively. Take stock of the situation and remind yourself that their behaviour is a reflection on them, not you.

*Think about their connection to you, like how you are associated with them and why they are a part of your life? Remember, it’s better to walk away than allow toxic people to be in your sphere.

Blame shifter

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Guilt trip Deep cleaning

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