Stay comfortable when travelling by bus

This summer, make sure you have a safe and comfortable bus ride

By   |  Published: 17th May 2019  7:24 pm

All the people who use public transport, especially city buses, for commute, there are certain essentials you need to carry for the ride. Of course, keep the bag as light as possible, but make sure you do not step out of the house without these important things.

Water bottle

Happy journey!Forgetting your phone – acceptable, but do not leave home without a water bottle. For the kind of summers that are upon us, one could go from blissfully hydrated to dangerously parched, in a matter of minutes. Also, there is nothing you could do in the middle of that bus ride to quench your thirst. Can you really afford to get down in the middle of the ride just for a gulp of water? No! So, carrying a water bottle should be of your top priority this season.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Travelling in this city is not a pleasant experience and things get much worse when you opt for public transport. You will always find that one person in the bus who plays music on speaker, another person who talks at the top of his voice and that loud person who is on the phone throughout the ride. Save yourself from all this and many other horrors by getting yourself noise-cancelling headphones. If you are somebody who uses public transport on a daily basis, this accessory is a great investment.

Pocket notebook

In that one-and-a-half hours of journey, there will be passing thoughts that are worth noting down, also the places you might feel like checking out later. It is always a good habit to carry a pocket notebook around, especially during the bus rides. It is one of the places where you could find some mundane things that are worth noting down.

Energy boosters

The sun will make it a point to suck all the energy out of you. So, make sure you always carry energy boosters along with you. Things like ORS sachets, sugar packets, chocolates, etc., will come to your rescue when you are on the verge blacking out.