Stay fit while travelling

If you are a frequent traveller, here's a small guide to help you deal with your fitness.

By Author  |  Published: 30th May 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 30th May 2017  6:23 pm

There never goes a single day for the fitness freaks without workout. They find ways to hit the gym even during the busiest schedules. But when they are travelling, there are high chances that it may take a back seat which is not acceptable. Syed Masood, head coach, F45 transformation specialists, advises people how to make time for it and make it a part of the routine, even while on a trip.

Frequent Travellers

People who travel quite frequently must indulge in some minimal activity like brisk walk and simple workouts. They can also opt for some indoor activities that are available. If they are not an indoors kind of a person, they can go for outdoor activities like swimming and several others. “The best thing to do which is fun and yet takes care of your fitness is riding a bicycle, and there are a lot of places from where they can rent one,” says Syed.

Business Travellers

Everything changes when it comes to business travelling. While most corporate offices and hotels/guesthouses have a gym, with the busy schedules it becomes quite difficult to fit in a workout session into everything else that takes precedence. “In such situations, they can always go for high intense interval training, where they can divide the whole workout as per their schedule,” shares Syed. He mentions that they should indulge a minimum amount of time in circuit training which includes all body workout. “If they are not able to do anything, the simplest thing to do is use the staircase, or walk,” he adds.

Diet For Both

Be it a frequent traveller or a business traveller, the first thing they need to keep in mind is to eat healthy and clean food. “The diet should have proper portions of protein, fat and carbs. “It is important to have nutritious diet while travelling,” he adds. Syed mentions that travellers should always have fitness supplements with healthy food.