Steamy affair with some tasty idlis

A classic south Indian delicacy, it is an amazing health booster

By Author  |  Published: 16th May 2019  8:01 pmUpdated: 16th May 2019  8:03 pm

Steamed, puffy and non-greasy in texture, Idli has always been the most popular South Indian breakfast option. It is the most popular street food, one that has no reputation for being unhealthy or calorie-laden. Apart from it being fermented and being light and easy-to-digest, you can increase the nutrient content of these fermented snacks by adding one magic ingredient and make it all the more interesting and tasty. Here is a sneak peak into some of the healthier and tastier additions to these much-loved idli.

Oats idli

Healthy bites A right mix of health and taste; this should be your go-to option if you wish to incorporate some fibre, iron and vitamin B1 into your breakfast. It’s high in nutrition content and is very filling, making it your go to breakfast option. For those who are big on diet plans and exercise routines, oats idli is your best bet, if you wish to eat to your stomach’s fill and not disrupt your calorie count.

Ragi idli

Loaded with fibre, potassium and calcium, this Indian breakfast option helps in reducing cholesterol and high blood sugars. A tastier way of losing weight, Ragi idli also aids in digestion, treats anaemia and increases bone strength.

Vegetable idli

Its colourful look makes it an easier to feed it to kids and is the best way to get them to eat veggies without their even realising it. You can add any type of veggies to the regular batter and steam them together.

Avri Kudumu

Usually found in the Andhra regions, this recipe of idli is devoid of rava or semolina. Another interesting addition is that, Urad dal along with its skin is used to make the idli batter. It is believed to be healthier from all the other alternatives and some people are highly partial to its taste. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to experiment.