Steven Spielberg writing horror series

The project is being developed under the title Spielberg's After Dark

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jun 2019  6:09 pm

Steven Spielberg is scripting a horror web series that people will only be able to see when their phone knows it is dark outside. The American filmmaker, who is known for films like entertainment platform Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, is penning the series for Quibi, a yet to be launched mobile-focused streaming service, Variety reported. “Steven Spielberg came in, and said, ‘I have a super scary story I want to do,” said Quibi’s co founders Jeffrey Katzenberg.

According to Katzenberg, the series is being developed under the title Spielberg’s After Dark. Making the upcoming project one-of-its-kind, Spielberg decided that the programme will be designed in a way that people only get to watch it after midnight. “He wanted viewers to only be able to watch it after midnight. Given that phones can track where it is at the moment — and keep tabs on when the sun rises and sets in its area,” he said.

Katzenberg asserted that, once the series is released, a clock will appear on the users’ phones, ticking down until midnight after which, the users will be able to watch it. Exactly at midnight, the clock will again start ticking till the sun comes back up, and the moment it stops ticking, the show will disappear until the next night.According to The Verge, the entertainment platform will be launched on April 6, 2020.