Stock up on those fruits and vegetables

Insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables can lead to cardiovascular deaths

By Author  |  Published: 10th Jun 2019  7:40 pm
Stock up on those freggies

Here’s another reason for you to gorge on fruits and veggies. A new study has claimed that insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables may account for millions of deaths from heart disease and strokes each year.The study presented at the meeting ‘Nutrition 2019’ in the Baltimore Convention Center, estimated that roughly 1 in 7 cardiovascular deaths could be attributed to not eating enough fruit and 1 in 12 cardiovascular deaths could be attributed to not eating enough vegetables.Low fruit intake resulted in nearly 1.8 million cardiovascular deaths in 2010, while low vegetable intake resulted in 1 million deaths, according to researchers.

Overall, the toll of suboptimal fruit intake was almost double that of vegetables. The impacts were most acute in countries with the lowest average intakes of fruits and vegetables.”Fruits and vegetables are a modifiable component of the diet that can impact preventable deaths globally,” said Victoria Miller, lead study author of the study. “Our findings indicate the need for population-based efforts to increase fruit and vegetable consumption throughout the world,” added Miller.The findings indicate a need to focus on increasing availability and consumption of protective foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Based on dietary guidelines, the researchers defined optimal fruit intake as 300 grams per day and that of vegetables, including legumes, was defined as 400 grams per day.Countries in Central Asia and Oceania had low vegetable intake and high rates of associated coronary heart disease. By gender, the greatest proportional impact on cardiovascular disease deaths is in men more than women, likely because women tend to eat more fruits and vegetables.