Story behind the Disappearing Tarn in Tasmania

This lake appears when nature unleashes its fury in Tasmania

By Author  |  Published: 16th May 2018  8:16 pm

Remember that scene in the film The Mummy where the group of treasure hunters set out to find the famed city of Hamunaptra which seemingly doesn’t exist. It only appears at the break of dawn and then disappears from sight.

A similar phenomenon occurs on the Mountain Wellington in the forests of Tasmania, Australia. The ‘Disappearing Tarn’ is a small lake with crystal clear waters that tends to appear after a particularly heavy rainfall in the region. As the name suggests, tarns are rare mountain lakes that form when a cirque fills with water after a rain or snow run-off. This particular tarn is really rare and located in the Potato field between boulders.

It’s so beautiful that photographers and nature lovers flock to capture the serene beauty of the lake. It appears briefly after the region gets 150 mm of rain in a period of several days. Not easy to find, the tarn is estimated at roughly 50m long and more than 30m wide. It is marked on maps and the road leading up the mountain is often closed off to the general public due to the storm damage.