Story of Decapitated Goddess

The storyline of Decapitated Goddess is intriguing and full of promise about possible twists and turns.

By   |  Published: 20th Mar 2019  7:40 pmUpdated: 20th Mar 2019  10:29 pm

This is a story about how a beautiful Goddess of climate from a faraway planet turns into Decapitated Goddess and she gets out of a bad fate. The storyline of Decapitated Goddess is intriguing and full of promise about possible twists and turns. There is an explanation for the disturbing title as well, God of fire (of Earth) lusts over the Goddess of climate (of a faraway planet), brings her to Earth and imprisons her in a decapitated state. Well, it seems our imagination does go wild when it comes to Gods.

The 32-year-old author Syeda Ruqia Zaidi spoke to Tabloid Today sharing her experience while writing (and sketching) this historical fiction.

Based on imagination

This book is a historical fiction, but there wasn’t much research involved in it. I have written this story based solely on my imagination. I visualised every scene and then turned that into words. However, I contacted the Archaeological Department of Egypt, as I wanted help with the language. As the story travels through Egypt and I wanted to get the terms right. There weren’t any more books or websites involved in my research.

The trigger

My grandmother is a writer, she lives in Chicago. She is more into religious books. I have watched her sitting in her office and writing. I loved watching that whole scene of her writing. After a while, I realised that I want to do the same. I wanted to write a book from the moment the realisation hit me.

Reading choices

I have my own decent collection of books. I love reading a lot of self-help and motivational books. I believe in building my personality more than anything else. Also, I love science fiction! But, that one book which blew my mind was Cinderella. I read it as a kid; the whole story and pictures just blew me away.

I can’t forget the experience that book has presented. And, I am one of those girls, who believe that one day, some guy would come to my rescue.
The author has personally sketched the illustrations in the book which is one of her attempts to give a personal touch as much as possible. Syeda Ruqia Zaidi is currently working on her second book which addresses rape.