Strangers who can’t keep away

David Gandy and Helen Christensen star in this short film which is a tale of missed signals

By Author  |  Published: 16th Feb 2019  8:05 pmUpdated: 16th Feb 2019  8:08 pm
Strangers who can't keep away

There is a common perception that models can’t act, but the short film Away We Stay actually turns out to be a pretty great watch. Starring hunky model David Gandy and supermodel of the ’90s Helena Christensen, the film was meant to be a two-part story, but the second part never got around to being produced. It is a classic tale of a woman meeting a stranger and sparks flying between them.

It begins with Helena who is a photographer sitting pensively looking out of a high-rise, seemingly lost in thought. The next shot shows her trying to direct the twiglike models she is photographing be more animated and her frustration when they can’t follow her simple instructions. Helena manages to get across her feelings just through her eyes and you feel for her character as she sits across from her friend very bored at a restaurant, as he rambles on about the magazine they work for. Her attention is caught when she sees a man who mirrors her innermost thoughts on his face sitting, as he sits surrounded by friends. Intrigued, she follows him out of the restaurant and begin taking pictures of him. What follows is a classic narrative of misses signals and chances, as the two people looking to find love are caught between commitments and fragility of time. David Gandy fits his role perfectly as the brooding stranger who is caught up with the mysterious photographer who takes pictures of people and herself everywhere. Away we stay was meant to be a promotional film for a hotel could have been a good story, had it been completed though.

Strangers who can't keep away

Film: Away we stay
Director: Edoardo Ponti
Cast: David Gandy, Helena Christensen Tom Hollander, Nick Moran, Georgina Rylance and Fenton Bailey
Duration: 12: 49