Students turn teachers to illiterate moms

By Author  |  Published: 5th May 2017  8:16 pm
Chandramma is being taught a IIIrd class boy Abhinaya Chary at Pothyreddypaly in Sangareddy district on Friday.

Sangareddy: Psychologists, philosophers and literary personalities often say that mother is the child’s first teacher and the home is the first school, however, Collector Kannan Manickaraj seems to have reversed these roles with the aim of educating illiterate women in the Self-Help Groups (SHGs), by assigning the task of educating these women to their children.

Living up to the Collector’s expectations, the children successfully managed to teach 56 Telugu alphabets to their mothers and grandmothers, putting their summer holidays to good use. Md Parveena of Pothireddypally village near Sangareddy is being taught by her daughter, Muskan, while 58-year-old Darji Chandramma is taking lessons from a Class 3 Abinaya Chary, who is her neighbour.

With the efforts of these children and colleagues from SHGs, a majority of 1.2 lakh women who were identified as illiterate, could read and write Telugu alphabets within 14 days. The district administration conducted a test for the women to assess their ability to write and found that over 80 per cent of the women could write alphabets.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Chandramma, who never went to school, said that earlier she was a bit reluctant to learn the alphabets, but started learning as the boy, Abinaya Chary, was very encouraging. Chandramma said that she was able to write all the Telugu alphabets, her name and sign, adding that she will further continue to learn during the summer to be able to read and write sentences.

To improve the literacy rate in the district, the district administration has designed a teaching module to educate all the illiterate SHG women.