Subhan Bakery, treating Hyderabadis for 70 years

Subhan Bakery that has been in existence since 1948 is best known for its Dum ke Roat and Osmania biscuits.

By   |  Published: 22nd Oct 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 21st Oct 2017  11:22 pm
BENCHMARKING QUALITY: Syed Irfan, third generation of the family, says their secret ingredients make their products popular — Photos: SURYA SRIDHAR

Hyderabad: Once you enter the 70-year-old Subhan Bakery in Hyderabad you know that you are having a tryst with history. Although modified just a few months back but the smell of biscuits, cookies, bread and the long queue of customers has not changed a bit. Started by Syed Khader in 1948, the bakery is famous for its Dum ke Roat and Osmania biscuit that need to restocked every hour on the newly done up shelves. Khader first started the bakery in the year 1948 in a garage in Secunderabad and two years later decided to move to the current premises in Nampally.

Khader – who used to work for the British Bakers – started the bakery with the help of the women of the family. The women used to make the Bread, Bun and Pav at home and Khader used to supply it to the British Regiment. The bakery also counts the Nizams and other high-profile people in its list of customers.

However, if you thought that the history is limited only to 70 years then you are mistaken. The current owners are the sixth generation bakery family. “My grandfather’s forefathers were all into baking only. So that’s how he picked up the skill and as he wanted to set up his own enterprise decided to set up a bakery. We can proudly say that we have a 100-year-old history in baking,” said Syed Irfan, third generation of the family running the business.

Khader got his son Syed Subhani – under whom the bakery is named – to join the business. Khader, according to Irfan, was clear that the children should dedicate at least two hours each day to the bakery. And that tradition still continues. Subhani learnt all the tricks of the trade and in 1970 did the first expansion of the bakery. That was the decade when the bakery got its now famous Osmania biscuits, Khara biscuits and puffs. Slowly but steadily the bakery gained popularity and became a major supplier for major political leaders and commoners alike.

Currently, the bakery offers 60 different items that include cakes, pastries, rusks and healthy options like oats biscuits, rawa cookies among others. “My father was a strong believer of changing with the changing times. And that’s how we could sustain ourselves through all the tough times. He always told us to make the bakery popular for one item and others will be anyway bought. Thus, the Osmania biscuits and Dum ke Roat became our hot-selling products,” Irfan shares, who runs the shop with his brother Syed Imran.

While the highly knowledgeable and widely read owner will share and talk about everything under the sun, he has a secret. And that is the ingredients used in making of these items. “The quality and the secret ingredients make our biscuits so popular,” he adds with a twinkle in his eyes.

“One of our USP is that we serve people with all our heart and that has been one constant since the time the bakery came into existence. Secondly, we keep tinkering with the recipes and ingredients with the changing times while retaining the original taste and smell,” Irfan informs.

With the fourth generation of the family almost ready to take over the business, Subhan Bakery is all set to spread its wings to other parts of the city as well. It is planning to set up shop in Hi-Tech city and Secunderabad in the coming future. In addition, it also has opened its online booking option in the last one year and supplies its items to six nearby States.