Summer flavours of Telangana

Revisiting traditional tastes with Challa charu and Pachi pulusu

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Apr 2018  12:07 amUpdated: 22nd Apr 2018  12:32 pm

Summer breeze and grandma’s tales… these wonderful memories easily replace the thought of scorching heat. Not far behind these is the delicious food of the season. After all, how can any experience be complete without it? Though it is ‘mango season’, traditional dishes also find takers.

Telangana cuisine, especially, has attracted many foodlovers with its one-of-a-kind dishes like sarvapindi, jonnarotti, and sakkinalu.

Jayavardhini Delhikar, a homemaker who makes lots of authentic Maharashtrian and Telangana dishes, says, “Pachi pulusu and challa charu are extremely easy to make. They don’t take up much time in the kitchen, be it for chopping or cooking. These two dishes are best for summers as they are good to beat the heat.”

So, let us see take a closer look at these two yummy and healthy summer dishes.


Challa charu

Similar to its Punjabi contemporary – Kadhi, Challa charu is a spicy buttermilk preparation that is bound to cool you in the soaring temperatures. The watery consistency of this dish makes it perfect to combine with rice. Tempered with green chillies, Challa charu can also be made with vegetables like snake gourd, spinach or onions.

“Challa Charu which is also known as cold Rasam, can easily qualify as a five-minute dish, if you have some buttermilk lying in your refrigerator. It really shines if the buttermilk is slightly sour. The sharpness of green chillies and ginger cuts through the sourness of buttermilk, to produce a dish which will transform you to your summer vacations back in the villages,” says Chef Amanna Raju, executive sous-chef, Novotel Hyderabad.

Pachi pulusu2121

Essentially made of tamarind pulp, this dish can be enjoyed on a hot summer afternoon. The best part is that it isn’t time-consuming. All you need to do is combine raw ingredients like tamarind pulp, onions, jaggery, and green chillies along with some basic seasonings. A few variations in this preparation can make it more interesting to the palate.

* Instead of the tamarind pulp, use stewed raw mango instead. The tanginess of the dish is elevated and since it is summer, this could qualify as the seasonal variant.

* Vankaya pachi pulusu with all its smokiness goes well with Kandipachadi. All it takes is adding the mashed pulp of roasted brinjal to the Pachi pulusu preparation.

Also giving his insight on this dish, chef Amanna says, “Pacchi Pulusu is a refreshing tangy drink and can be made with ingredients which are easily available in any south Indian kitchen. The brilliance of this dish is that it is a natural coolant. The raw onion and the tamarind provide a cooling effect to the body. With a dash of tempering of jeera, mustard, chillies (green or red) and curry leaf, this simple recipe perks up as drink in itself or can also be enjoyed with hot steamed rice.”