Summer Samurai imparts life skills to students

Commenced on March 23, the programme is progressing in 78 centres across the State.

By   |  Published: 4th May 2017  8:47 pm

Hyderabad: Not even in her wildest dreams would she have fantasised riding a horse. It was only in films that she saw people riding away. But imagine her surprise when she found herself astride a steed, galloping in gay abandon. “I can never forget the experience”, says a thrilled Sai Varsha.

For Nirosha the immediate goal is to get rid of her poverty. She wants to be a millionaire, yes. “I know all about how to buy and sell shares”, she remarks.

Their colleague, Chandra Teja, has set his sights even higher. He wants to transform society through documentaries. He is learning all about film making, acting and camera work. The trio must be out of their minds one would surly think when told that they are all students of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS). But the little more than a month they have spent in the ongoing ‘Summer Samurai’ camps has given them enough poise and confidence to face the world.

“We would have wasted our precious time had we stayed at home”, says Divya echoing the view of many of her colleagues. There’s only one thing more precious than time and that’s how we spend it on. Luckily, students of TSWREIS have decided not to waste their vacation in idle pursuits but pick up skills that will stand them in good stead.

The Summer Samurai that commenced on March 23 is progressing in 78 centres across the State. A record 30,000 students, 70 per cent of whom are girls, are busy acquiring expertise in 30 different subjects.

True to the Swaero commandments, Dr R S Praveen, secretary, TSWREIS, wants to be different from other officers. “I have decided to provide a platform to explore and learn skills beyond the textbooks”, he says.

It is a godsend opportunity for the underprivileged students to learn various skills at no cost.

While some have chosen to dabble in hotel management, film making, water sports others are acquiring skills in English communication, shooting, western music. Some have resolved to be part of the fourth estate. The summer camp is trying to create a pool of qualified journalists from the deprived communities.

“I got a chance to meet many eminent journalists and editors and now I understand the world in a different perspective. I want to become the voice of the voiceless”, says Ankitha Sri of Nallakancha school.

‘The enthusiasm and energy levels of the students are amazing. They want to learn and be successful in life”, says Maya Raveendran of Voice4Girls. Some 500 girls are getting trained in martial arts and they in turn will train their colleagues once the schools reopen.

By failing to prepare, one prepares to fail. But the TSWREIS wouldn’t like that to happen. It is imparting life skills to young boys and girls to take charge of their lives.