Surviving warzone: Chaotic free for all

A review of ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ the free-to-play shooter game

By   |  Published: 22nd Mar 2020  12:17 amUpdated: 22nd Mar 2020  12:20 am

Call of Duty has seemed to perfect the art of free to play; launch a mobile game that is extremely popular and then take your latest game and launch a free-to-play extension of the same.

Warzone is an extension to last year’s Modern Warfare and is free to play on consoles and PC. It brings a Battle Royale mode and another called plunder to the mix and the combination is a heady mix.

Both game modes are set in the Verdansk map of Modern Warfare and there is a wonderful system in place that allows cross-play between platforms. This game allows you to play opponents from all platforms and the unpredictability quotient is off the charts! The action is frenetic, and chaos permeates the system as you realise that most games have over 150 players when they start.

The battle royale mode is not very different from PUBG or Fortnite but for the addition of a gulag system. The gulag is a place where you enter as you die, and you compete against another fellow dead player to enter back into the game. A nice touch if you know how to work the system.

This game’s key mode though is Plunder, a mode where you collect cash and then collect some more by looting other players. With an upper limit of a million dollars, you collect as much as you wish but also lose half of it when you die.

The game mode allows for unique dynamics as you protect teammates who have cash and focus on sending the loot away rather than dying. There is also the possibility of getting into what economists call the “sunk cost fallacy” as players must constantly think about how much is enough and should one stay alive or loot come what may.


With an extremely well-refined Battle Royale system and a unique offering in Plunder, Warzone has all that it takes to be a great free-to-play game. Make sure to give it a try can be close to a hundred GB in storage though.

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