Sweating it out with celebrities

Youngest celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit assures us that Stott Pilates is the most exciting and the best way to stay fit.

By Author  |  Published: 8th Jul 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 9th Jul 2017  1:50 am
Namrata Purohit

Have you always been drooling over the fit bodies of Bollywood celebrities? Are you one of those who snoops over social media sites and searches Instagram and other websites to find out the mantra or manpower behind celebs’ fitness? Then, you must have come across the Pilates girl Namrata Purohit sweating it out with them.

Her YouTube channel — #KISSS by Namrata Purohit — has thousands of followers and most of her workout videos garner millions of views. The 23-year-old celebrity fitness trainer — who is quite famous on Instagram too — has been into instructing celebrities and athletes Stott Pilates for the past eight years.

During her recent visit to Hyderabad for the launch of The Pilates Studio, we catch up with the celebrity trainer to find out how Pilates actually works to transform one’s body, and her journey in the field.

When did you make your way to Stott Pilates?
I started my training 10 years ago, along with my father. He has been into the field of fitness for over 20 years and, together, we did a course in Stott Pilates in Canada. Now, it has been more than eight years that I am instructing people to stay fit through Pilates.

How many branches does The Pilates Studio have in the country?
We have three branches in Mumbai. One is in South Mumbai, one in Khar and another in Andheri. Apart from Mumbai, we have a branch in Ahmedabad and now in Hyderabad. I am trying to reach as many cities and as many people as possible to introduce the magic of Stott Pilates.

How is Pilates different from workout in a gym?
In a gym, you work on bigger muscles or show muscles of the body while in Pilates one does not only get to work on show muscles but also weaker muscles of the body. Here you work a lot inside out and that gives better development of the body. It is a full fitness regimen, as you work on strength, flexibility, endurance, stability, stamina, balance — everything together.

How safe is this form of exercise?
The beauty of the Pilates is that it has no impact on the joints, so it is a very safe form of exercise but quite challenging at the same time. Here, we make it customised to the needs, body type and the goals of the client.

Tell something about the team here.
Since I won’t be here to train personally, I have made sure that the team is well-trained. They all are well-trained and well-qualified. They came to Mumbai and trained with us for a couple of months and we selected only those instructors whom we found the best to handle the branch here.

You keep training a lot of celebrities from Bollywood. Who are some of the famous personalities that train with you?
We have Pooja Hegde, Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and Olympians like K Srikanth and PV Sindhu, to name a few, as our regular clients.

What would you suggest a beginner in Pilates?
An hour’s session in a day, thrice a week, is ideal for anyone. We have twice a week session too but thrice a week is what one should opt for better results. The diet and everything else depends on the nutrients required for a particular body type and also the present diet one follows. Of course, all these vary from person to person and it all depends on individual requirements.