Sweetness of mangoes

A low-calorie and low-fat drink before the fruit goes out of sight for a whole year

By Author  |  Published: 29th Jun 2019  8:32 pmUpdated: 29th Jun 2019  3:55 pm
A low-calorie

Mango slush is flavoured ice combined with ripe mangoes and a little sugar. Also called slushie or slushy, this beverage is very famous in the east coast region of the USA who enjoy the drink in multiple flavours. In India, mangoes are seasonal fruits which people love to enjoy in every possible form.

Slush of any flavour is made by a mixture of sugar and ice; as sugar acts an antifreeze in the solution, when added in a machine and stirred at a constant speed, it makes the sugar and water molecules to bond together nicely, leading to a soft and slurry mixture. This non-carbonated beverage is easy to make too!


One ripe mango
Sugar – 3- 4 tbsp
Ginger juice – 2 tbsp
Ice cubes – 4 cups
Zest from one lime for garnishing


* Make sure before you start, all the ingredients are ready to start this beverage right away.
* Place all the ingredients inside a blender, until it becomes crushed and smooth.
* Never wait till the ice melts because all the fun lies on crushed ice.
* Your slush is almost ready just adding the lime zest for the garnish can change the game.


One ripe mango can make up to 2 cups of cubed mangoes for the slush.
If your mango is sweet enough better avoid extra usage of sugar in your slush.
When you add ice to mango pulp, its sweetness decreases; so, it’s recommended to add a little sugar to balance the sweetness.