Swiggy in a dilemma

Several major restaurants are refusing to pay the app-based delivery service

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 11th Jan 2017   7:16 pm
swiggy dilemma
Bengaluru based Food delivery network, Swiggy. Source: Internet

Ordering food on Swiggy may not be so exciting anymore, as more and more restaurants are reportedly withdrawing their commission to the Bengaluru-based digital delivery platform.

Recently, major restaurants such as Mehfil and Café Bahar, which already have a high customer footfall, refused to pay Swiggy its customary 15 per cent commission per order. This has led the start-up to start charging its customers extra, and a ‘fixed fee’ of Rs 50 is being levied as of now.

This fee, however, could go up in the coming days and could apply to more and more of your favourite joints, making the convenient Swiggy option unattractively expensive. 

A resident of Masab Tank relates to us how his favourite dinner order went sour the other day, as the additional fee was levied on his food order from Café Bahar in Hyderguda. “The restaurant is not so far from our place. If we have to pay extra, we could fetch the food ourselves – it does not take much time. But, because Swiggy gives you the luxury of chucking the drive and wait for no extra charges, it was a tempting service to use. Alas, now, it is not so interesting anymore,” says Umair Ahmed, a commerce grad from Shadan Degree College. 

If Swiggy is unable to contain the number of restaurants falling out of its commission basket, it may very well become unable to retain its customer base. Let’s hope things work out well for the saviour app.