T-shirt that tracks your steps

Hyderabad-based startup Broadcast Wearables launches Sygnal, a fitness tracking T-shirt.

By Author  |  Published: 10th Feb 2017  1:57 amUpdated: 10th Feb 2017  1:58 am
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Hyderabad: The wearable fitness market has been gaining traction in the last few years in India with the likes of FitBits and Apple Watches making their mark. While most of them have been new products, none have toyed with the idea of fitness tracker on garments. Venturing into this unexplored territory is Hyderabad-based Broadcast Wearables, which has launched a new fitness tracking T-shirt with navigation. 

After successfully launching two wearable garments called Broadcast and Jaltee, the startup has ventured into the wearable fitness space with its T-shirt called Sygnal. Claimed to be the first smart fitness T-shirt, Sygnal can count the number of steps taken, calories burnt, floors climbed in addition to helping user navigate areas as well.

So how does the T-shirt work? “It is a simple mechanism wherein the T-shirt is fitted with electronics and is paired with the Sygnal app on the mobile phone. Once the user buys the T-shirt, they just have to download app and sync it and then just go on their usual fitness routine. At the end of the day the T-shirt will track all the details and sync it into the app thus providing details about the steps walked, calories burnt and so on,” explains Ayyappa Nagubandi, founder, Broadcast Wearables.


The T-shirt’s micro controller with battery and circuits are fitted into a biscuit size box that is water proof and radiation free. The controller gets connected to the app through Bluetooth and has a battery life of five days. The controller can be switched on and off with a button placed on the sleeve.

With almost four months of research and development gone into the making of the T-shirt, the company has also enabled GPS tracking mechanism in the T-shirt. It gets synced with the mobile GPS and vibrates right or left according to the direction.

The T-shirt is up for pre-order on Fuel A Dream, a crowdfunding platform, and the startup plans to raise Rs 5,00,000 by the end of the 41 days campaign. Almost 11 T-shirts have been sold in the last seven days and is priced at Rs 2,500 currently. However, going ahead, the company plans to sell it through its online platform by March-end, once the crowdfunding ends.

The previous offering by the startup were Broadcast, which is a touch-enabled T-shirt that allows users to display their emotions on the shirt using their smartphone and Jaltee, a woman’s wear range with LED fitted that glow in the night.