Tackling protein loss in urine

This condition can be treated effectively with a few homoeopathic remedies.

By Author  |  Published: 8th Feb 2018  11:15 pmUpdated: 8th Feb 2018  7:03 pm
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Apart from the fats and sugars, protein forms the third chemical in the body. Proteins help in building antibodies always rising to the challenge to fight intruding infections. Apart from that, proteins are a vital part of the fluid part of the blood, the plasma. Hence, the loss of protein unwarrantedly is a cause for concern for the human metabolism.

What’s proteinuria?

Meanwhile, kidneys are two tireless organs in the body in the posterior part, which are prompt enough to hold back the vital ingredients in the body and flush only toxins and wastes from the body. But, unwittingly, it so happens that the sieves of the kidneys, in the glomeruli which help hold back the proteins, tend to become lax and let them go. This is when proteins in the urine or proteinuria is seen.

As such, there would not be any symptoms of proteinuria but as the days go by, body makes a conscious effort to hold back the fluid and there is retention of water in the lower limbs. In children, there is an apparent swelling of the face on waking up in the morning. Apparently, a person can only doubt of such a condition when he develops foamy urine.

Conditions for occurrence

It would be helpful to know under what conditions, proteinuria can occur:

  • People who suffer from high blood pressure and do not make an effort with their lifestyle and diet or medication can end up hurting the filtration apparatus of the kidney to cause proteinuria.
  • Same stands for diabetes too wherein the uncontrolled sugars can hurt the capillaries in the kidneys to cause this condition.
  • Nephrotic syndrome more common in children; an auto-immune condition where the body simply numbs the nephrons or the functional unit of kidneys into submission and protein finds a way out.
  • Some conditions like IgA Nephroapthies akin to the auto-immune conditions or like conditions that have been there since birth where the lining of the filtering mechanism becomes hard and fails to hold the proteins.
  • In some infections like nephritis or the inflammation of the kidneys.
  • In fevers and acute trauma, temporarily there is finding of protein in the urine.

Diet & lifestyle

Once it is ascertained that there is proteinuria, more investigations are done which can reveal if there is any deficiency of kidney infection and then more evaluation is done to ascertain the cause. Diet and lifestyle while losing weight remain common goals to improve on the condition.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that there is no further degeneration of the kidney function while attempting to treat the cause. Plum met, Cuprum met are good remedies for the filtering apparatus to work well while Cantharis and Pyrogenum stave away infection.

Carcinosin and Ars alb are remedies that can work when the auto-immune plane is the reason for the issue. Solidago and Eel serum are the soldiers to counter an acute condition of protein loss. Homeopathy remains a good remedy for proteinuria.