Thursday, January 27, 2022


Should you oil your belly button?

Your belly button has been medically proven to be related to various veins throughout your body, and oiling it can help you heal from a variety of ailments.

Life Food that helps build resistance against air pollution

As the hazardous air quality in a few cities touched the severe plus mark last week, Practo, integrated healthcare company, witnessed a growth of 20 percent in respiratory related queries in few metro cities.

Light a patakha, get a plant

An alternative to firecrackers such as ladis, hydrogen bombs and rockets, 'Beej Patakha' is made from recyclable material and embedded with seeds

Yasangi cultivation could cross 87 lakh acres says Niranjan Reddy

Hyderabad: Directing State level senior and district level agricultural officials to be prepared to support over 87 lakh acres of Yasangi crop this year,...

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